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Sabrina Kessakorn is a first-generation Thai-American, born and raised on Dena'ina lands commonly known as Anchorage, Alaska. With a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Minor in Environmental Studies,  As a wildlife and ecology technician, she gains inspiration from her research and field work that becomes incorporated into her artistic projects. Kessakorn aspires to bridge the gap between the arts, sciences, and humanities. 

Kessakorn's artwork explores the merging and dissolving of culture and identity through the natural, scientific, and spiritual worlds, highlighting the interconnected relationship of all things. Her multidisciplinary background makes it no surprise that she dabbles in various mediums and forms of expression. She seeks to increase visual literacy through storytelling and symbolic imagery, in addition to empowering underrepresented voices and exploring what an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable community looks like in this quickly shifting world.


De Bestiis Insularum, July 2023

International Gallery of Contemporary Art  Anchorage, AK

Juried Student Art Show, March 2022

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

2D/3D Invitational, November 2021

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

The Art of Face Masks, 2021

UAA Digication  Online Exhibition

Connecting Through Art, May 2021

Kaladi Brothers Coffee  Anchorage, AK

The Art of Healing, May 2021

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

Juried Student Art Show, March 2021

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

Eyes to See, Ears to Listen | Rise Resilience, March 2021

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

ANYONE, ANYWHERE: Pleasure, March 2020

Grey Street Barcelona  Barcelona, Spain

2D/3D Invitational, March 2020

Hugh McPeck Gallery  Anchorage, AK

First Friday, April 2017

SteamDot Cafe  Anchorage, AK

ASD Student Showcase, April 2017

Anchorage Rasmuson Museum  Anchorage, AK

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