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"Fireweed in Denali" Merch Out Now!

Updated: May 18

"Fireweed in Denali" pays homage to Alaska's abundant, healthy, and diverse landscapes and wildlife. From flora, fauna, and forested mountains to its many peoples, we are all intrinsically connected in this dance of life. Like the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska who have stewarded these lands for time immemorial, this artwork hopes to inspire reverence for all life we come across on our travels around the 49th state.


I've been asked countless times in interviews, "What was your inspiration?"

I knew I wanted to create something intentional; the sole purpose to be a license plate seen by any that are in Alaska. It had to embody the spirit of Alaska statewide, not just focusing on one region or culture. A sense of connection and awe should be stoked amongst residents and visitors. Translating those feelings into art, I also wanted to be sure I'd be bringing something new and exciting the the already existing collection of Alaska license plate artwork.

The basis of the artwork was the subject. We've got the bear, the mushers, northern lights, and flag. There was definitely some thumbnails drawn of salmon but they were quickly thrown out for being too basic and realizing that it's exclusive of Arctic Alaska.

With my personal and career connections to native plants of Alaska, I thought it'd be best to focus on a charismatic species that you could find anywhere in the state. Plus, native plants support our pollinators, wildlife, peoples, and many ecosystems! I'll take any opportunity to advocate for conservation science <3 Though it's important for visitors and non-plant lovers to be able to recognize the species so naturally fireweed (Chamerion angusitfolium) was the winner!

Having fireweed in mind, next was the color scheme. What fills my heart with the purest joy? Well, I spent two life-changing summers working around the Denali National Park area and will always remember the sweet pastels of the alpenglow. These colors have not been seen yet on any other plates so I could only hope everyone else would fall in love like I did. The background of Denali worked perfectly to tie in my deep reverence for the Indigenous Peoples who steward our lands and add a personal touch of my history.


Some of you may have noticed that merchandise is popping up around Alaska with this artwork!

We've got so much in store for you this summer from water bottles, lanyards, luggage straps, tags, and stickers, to aprons, oven mitts, shot glasses, and oh so much more!!

It's all still a mystery with the DMV on when the official plates will be on sale. Until then though, souvenir plates and other products are quickly becoming available at grocery stores statewide and will soon be available through my shop!

Thank you enormously to everyone who voted and shared my artwork 💕


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