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Welcome to the Blog!

Updated: Jan 20

Hello wonderful humans<3

Are you interested in learning more about what I do? Where does the name Fetching Constellations come from? What should you expect to find on this blog?

Look no further!


Fetching Constellations, also known by fcvisuals (FCV) began as a simple Instagram portfolio for miscellaneous sketches, college paintings, and spontaneous photoshoots with friends. The name stemmed from an early 2010's Tumblr aesthetics blog that I (Sabrina) was running. At that time, I was always exploring other worlds in my mind and dreaming of distant places as I battled the darkness that was my depression.

My creative work was my escape, my imagining of a better world. My work motivated me to strive for more and believe in creating my own future, unencumbered by the social norms and standards that sought to hold me back. Even through the tumultuous college years of edging between the worlds of art and science, the name maintained its grip on me, like a reminder to keep going and the path that connects them will reveal itself.

As I progressed through college, my visual language began to develop with my technical skills. All the stories and worlds that I dreamt of could now be brought to life as I began to explore my own history and identity. Reoccurring colors and themes began to appear in my broader work, even while I explored unfamiliar forms of photography and modeling. At the base of it all, I sought to shine light on the underrepresented and understand my own inner workings. Infused into all my work is the sense of wonder, resilience, and hope for a healthy future, whether it's a dreamy painting about vulnerable species or exploring natural beauty through photography.

So, on that note.. What you'll find here is more deep dives like this!


I've always found it so difficult to post on Instagram because I feel expected to come up with a short and witty caption to accompany whatever artwork I've shared, when I am overflowing with thoughts on what the work meant to me, and the aha's and oh no's of the process. Noted, I've never been the best with verbal communication so this blog will be my new practice!

I'm hoping to utilize this blog to post miscellaneous photo collections with their accompanying stories, reflections on past work, process posts for experimental work, and who knows what else this could grow into.

If you've managed to keep reading this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you stick around to see what's next!

All the love in this smol bean's heart,

Sabrina Kessakorn

Owner & Artist



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