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"Tending to your garden while working full time is hard, both physically and metaphorically. This last summer I worked as a gardener, spending my days weeding out the beds of folks around town and by the end of my shifts I was so exhausted that I found myself neglecting my own. These leaves I harvested, hoping to get to blanch and freeze them, saving their nutrients for winter soups. But instead, their fate took a different route as I watched them day after day grow yellow as they began to wilt until they were no longer edible. I had been consumed by summer chaos. This produce in which I had sown now on the last leg of its cycle, taken for granted. My heart broke a little for having wasted their lives because I was too busy dealing with my own. To pay homage for the lives lost, Sabrina and I took it upon ourselves to breathe one last breath of life into them.
Accidents happen, forgive yourself."

Words by Kira Casey

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