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"Pingos and Polygons" Art Print

"Pingos and Polygons" Art Print


12" x 15" signed print on White FSC Recycled, 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber, Processed Chlorine Free Royal Sundance felt paper.

Green Seal and Green-e certified.

Limited edition of 20.


This oil painting highlights the impacts of climate change on coastal regions of the Arctic. The title refers to permafrost landforms to raise awareness about permafrost melt affecting coastal communities. The melting permafrost destabilizes the soil that is more vulnerable to rising sea levels increasing the strength of winter storms against the coastline. Arctic communities are at risk of deteriorating into the ocean without funds to relocate. Relocation also raises concerns of how to maintain the cultures and connectedness of these communities. The composition of this work focuses on the ecological processes that work to continue this cycle.

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