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"We Belong" Unofficial Music Video

"We Belong" Unofficial Music Video

"We Belong" Unofficial Music Video
Art Direction by Kira Casey and Sabrina Kessakorn
Acting by Sabrina Kessakorn
Videography by Kira Casey, with drone assistance from Kevin Goodman
Music by ODESZA, originally by RAC

"To us this journey represents an awakening to the realization of the intrinsic intertwining with all that is.
A journey home,
To oneself, to our Creator, and to our home planet, Mother Gaia.
Finding stillness within,
Humbled by the profundity of nature,
Bowing down to surrender fully into the arms of the unknown.
Allow curiosity and trust to guide the way.
Enjoy the sweetness of every moment,
For you will never get 'there'
There is only now."
-Kira Casey

We acknowledge that this project was filmed on the traditional lands of the Ahtna and Dena'ina people. We honor and thank them for their continuous stewardship of these lands. 
None of the objects featured within this film were bought for the purpose of this project. All items were gifted, sustainably foraged, or hand made under guidance of an indigenous teacher. 

Thank you for watching.

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