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Thailand: Film & Digitals

Updated: Feb 15

From forested mountains, through rites of passage and vibrant temples, to the translucent waters.

Having spent most of my life disconnected with my culture, I am committed to revitalizing my heritage with a deeper appreciation and integration into my daily life. These photos are from my return home, after ten years of absence. Within that time, I had completely lost myself in more ways than one. I had travelled to new places, uncovered hidden aspects of myself, and began a journey back home to myself.

Despite being raised in a deeply Buddhist home, the juxtaposition of heavy Christianity that surrounded me left feelings of disillusion and confusion within my younger self. Through college and exploring deeper concepts through my paintings, I reconnected with my family's teachings and sought to better understand the Buddhist principles I had failed to truly understand, yet still integrated as a child. I found many parallels between the Buddhist worldview and Indigenous Alaskan worldview I had been raised with. Slowly I began mending the gap between what felt originally like opposing forces, but was really two forces that could come together to support and strengthen each other.

Flowing with new ideas, wonder, and infinite potential, I was eager to return and fully immerse myself in the arts, culture, music, nature, and all that could be offered to me. I had fears of not being accepted, but all washed away with love from my family, validation within my community, and newfound reassurance of power within myself. For the first time in a long time I felt valued and unique for all that I am. I belong here and am special within this big wide world.

How lucky I am, to be a being of such extremes. I am of the sea and mountain forests, the hot and the cold, the South East and North West, the fast-paced urban cities and the slow-paced spacious fields, the arts and the sciences, and so much more. I am all that I am meant to be. I am the bridge that connects the worlds within me. I too, deserve to be honored in all my sacredness and richness. What more wonders can I find within my self and my ancestral history? What knowledge and talents can I gift the community that inspires me?

I suppose, we'll just have to keep exploring and find out.


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