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Past Projection: URANUS 07

Updated: 20 hours ago

Photographed by Kira Casey

Photo-edited by Sabrina Kessakorn

Though I won't be sharing my modeling adventures on my website anymore, I still felt that I had to share these favorites from the past.

This photoshoot was the first indoor set photographed between Kira and I, after many summers with Alaska as our backdrop. I had no clue that this would be the start to many more stylized photoshoots with elaborate set designs. In a fit of inspiration and creative play, we scoured Pinterest for cool projector images, set it up, then it was up to us to make the magic happen.

I began my modeling journey back in 2017, after years of depression struggling with self image problems. It all started because I was regularly taking portraits with friends that wanted advice on how to pose and I also didn't know what to do, so I started practicing posing in my bedroom mirror. Combine that with having fellow photographer friends, we'd model for each other and suddenly I find myself with an extensive portfolio of several years. Modeling was a way to prove myself wrong. I'd surprise myself to find that wow, yes I am beautiful from all those angles and without foundation to hide my natural imperfections. It gave me the space to rediscover confidence that I had long lost.

I quickly developed an excitement towards discovering this new expression of art. From 2020 to 2022, you could find me any time of year, in any weather, ready to play outside for a photoshoot anywhere in the wilds of Alaska. I was constantly thinking about the dynamic lines and angles I could create with my limbs, the composition of myself in relation to the camera, and how the angle of the sun would cast shadows. My closet developed a distinction between everyday/work clothes versus photoshoot clothes that are far too showy for Anchorage's humble fashion sense. I not only learned how to love my body, but to also honor her, learn her nuances, and equally as important, to look with more intention at the world around me. How do I move in this world, how can I flow with her, and how can I open myself up to the flow within me?

My journey of self love is not anywhere near over but I've found my peace. I am grateful for all the wonderful and beyond talented artists that I've collaborated with in these many years. There is a divine magic in creating artwork in this form that I'm sure I will return to time and time again, but for now I have new ventures to explore. <3


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